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    Collaba: Administrators

    Collaba offers tons of easy-to-use administration tools and components. This pages lists a few.

    On-line server management

    • Centralized or decentralized management
    • Decentralizable with precision
    • Advanced security management
    • Flexible and precise control or rights
    • Support for schedule-oriented privileges
    • All-on-line configuration
    • Numerous quick intervention strategies
    • Self-subscription groups
    • Isolated sub-communities
    • Disk quotas for users
    • User self-registration system
    • Digital garbage collector
    • Service broadcasting with Bonjour

    Large-scale management

    • Large-scale management tools
    • Scriptable administrative tasks (schedulable)
    • Dynamic linkup to LDAP servers
    • Automatic creation of user accounts from LDAP
    • Automatic creation of user groups from LDAP
    • Synchronization of profiles and permissions from LDAP
    • Authentication against LDAP, CAS, JAAS, SMTP-Auth, or POP3 servers (SSO), or locally in Collaba

    Audit / Tracking / Monitoring

    • Activity logs (with auto-zip download and search engine)
    • Usage statistics
    • Compatible with XiTi
    • Remote server monitoring

    Content input / ouput

    • Content sharing Collaba-to-Collaba
    • Import users from other systems
    • Import groups from other systems
    • Import forums and content from other systems
    • Import personal mailbox content from other systems
    • Progressive migration strategies from MS Exchange, FirstClass, and more...
    • Mail transfer from POP3 servers