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    Collaba: Server installation

    Easy installation

    Collaba is easy to install. Actually, it does not even require an installer. Simply download a .zip file, expand it, move the resulting Collaba folder to an appropriate place and you are ready to start Collaba!

    Collaba is also easy to start. Double-click the START multi-platform application and your server is up!

    Easy upgrades

    Collaba server upgrades practically always the same:

    1. download a .zip file
    2. expand it
    3. shutdown your Collaba server (only for a moment)
    4. replace existing content from the upgrade package (simple drag & drop)
    5. start your upgraded Collaba server

    «No other software required»

    Our long-standing commitment to provide a powerful platform that does not require additional software installation to run still holds true after more than 9 years of full-time development. You can install and integrate additional software with Collaba, but it is not required. Collaba essentially runs out of the box.