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    1. Does Collaba require any database software?
      • No. Collaba has its own built-in database engine and repository. No other database is required.
    2. Can Collaba server co-exist with other web or mail server software on the same computer?
      • Yes. The only conflict that must be resolved but that has nothing do to with Collaba specically is network port conflict. No two server applications cannot listen on the same port on the same computer. Therefore if you already have a web server listening on standard port #80, you cannot have Collaba listen on that port too; one of the two servers will have to be configured to listen on a different port. By default, Collaba will divert to an alternate port if another web server is already listening on port 80 on the same computer (that port change can be configured permanently if needed).
    3. Does Collaba modify system files or other shared resources on the server computer?
      • No. Collaba is a non-intrusive server software. It is self-contained in a single directory and does not require, access or modify any resources or libraries outside of that directory.