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    Collaba: Wiki

    Global, group & user wikis

    Collaba offers a Wiki module. Much like Wikipedia, Collaba provides a global wiki, as well as name spaces for user and group wikis. Wiki pages can be created by authorized users the same way Wikipedia pages are created.

    Why use wikis in education

    • Wikis encourage collaborative learning and information sharing
    • They increase student engagement and participation
    • Wikis facilitate communication between teachers and parents and guardians

    Wikitext & Visual editing

    Users can edit Collaba wiki content using the popular wikitext language, a simplified alternative to HTML. Wikitext favors well-structured pages and improves content source readability over HTML. Collaba also provides a visual rich editor for users that are less familiar with wikitext.

    Technical details
    This very web site ( is actually mostly powered by Collaba wikis!