SYPECom Overview

SYPECom Inc. researches and develops innovative network technologies. Since 1995, SYPECom is actively involved in designing advanced technologies for application in communication and collaboration systems used in education and corporate sectors. Today, SYPECom is a leader in breakthrough collaborative systems development and is rapidly growing at the international level.

SYPECom has a long and solid expertise in the art of making and applying advanced technologies to the world of digital communications. With more than 14 years of real experience at building award-winning network platforms and components, SYPECom is known as a great architect of collaborative systems.

SYPECom has also received the ICEM Grand Prize 2004 Bell, an international award for «Best multimedia tool and excellence in multimedia technologies applied to the world of learning».

Collaba Development Consortium

In 2007, SYPECom formed a solid corporate consortium to push Collaba to the next level. Backed by prestigious organizations France Telecom, Orange Business Services, and DeMarque, SYPECom is in the best position ever to develop and market its cutting edge platform to benefit customers worldwide.

SYPECom Incorporated is the core developer of the Collaba integrated platform. Applying extensive software engineering skills and     merging     with unique insights into e-collaboration architectures, SYPECom has refined over the years a strong and flexible product that surpasses the competition with its feature set and total cost of ownership (TCO).

DeMarque is an e-learning solutions specialist. With its longstanding position in the educational sector and its physical presence on both sides of the Atlantic, DeMarque is ideally placed to coalesce international efforts to develop the Collaba platform. DeMarque is also a licensed distributor of Collaba in France, Europe.

Orange Business Services, a division of France Telecom, provides network and information technology business services in over 220 countries and territories. Its massive established network, key expertise in e-collaborative systems and hands-on experience with Collaba define OBS as a strategic partner that will play a major role in the platform's success.