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    Collaba: Calendaring

    Personal, group & resource calendars

    Collaba users get a personal calendar where they can schedule events and tasks for themselves. They can also create any number of additional personal calendars to categorize their activities. Groups also get calendars to easily coordinate group events. Finally, calendars can also be created for resources, allowing you to use Collaba as a shared resource booking system.

    Promoting available resources
    Resource calendars are an excellent way of showcasing available resources to your personnel members. Many resources often lay dormant simply because few people know they exist. By providing a central location for reviewing the list of available resources (ex: projectors, special books, portable computers, cameras, etc.), teachers are more likely to appreciate even more the tools that are offered to them.

    Calendars can be displayed individually, or layered one on top of the other to present a unified view of multiple calendars. The event scheduler provides all the necessary features, including conflict detection, file attachments, geo-location, notifications, and more.



    Collaba calendars also include task management features (To Do lists). Just as regular calendar events, tasks can contain elaborate descriptions, file attachments, geo-location, and more. Task completion status can also be set at any time.


    Calendar events and tasks support geo-location, a feature by which you can specify where in the world an event will be happening (longitude/latitude). Users that have specified their own location in their Collaba Profile can then, with the click of a button, get a Google Maps map with driving directions between the user and the event.

    Desktop applications

    Collaba calendars can be used and managed through its web portal, but also using efficient desktop applications:

    Proprietary software:
    • Microsoft Outlook & Exchange
    • Apple iCal
    • ContactOffice
    • Novell GroupWise
    Additional technical information
    Collaba calendars can be synchronized with any client application or third-party system that supports iCalendar synchronization over WebDAV. They can also be imported/exported manually using standard iCalendar files.

    The Collaba Calendar module can also be customized so that the day grid matches local classroom hours, lunch breaks, etc..