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    Collaba: Blogging

    Why use blogs in education?
    Blogs provide a communication space that teachers can utilise with students whenever there is a curriculum need to develop writing, share ideas and reflect on work being undertaken in the classroom.

    Blogs for users & groups

    Collaba users get a personal blog where they can post articles, share their thoughts, photos and more. Blogs contain all the easy-to-use tools that users expect: categories, file attachments, automatic archives, search tool, comments, visual customization, permalinks, support for YouTube videos & GoogleMaps, and more. A blog is also provided for each user group, so that group members can collaboratively work on common articles.


    Content syndication

    Content syndication is the best way for writings to find their way to larger audiences. Blogging and content syndication usually go hand in hand so that articles are simultaneously published through two main mediums (the Web, and RSS feeds). As so, Collaba makes every effort of insuring your blogs' success by producing RSS feeds and generating podcasts automatically whenever you publish content.

    Technical details
    Collaba blog articles can be submitted in one of two easy ways: web portal, regular e-mail

    In a school environment, student blogs can be configured so that articles must be approved by teachers or administrators before being visible publicly.