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    Collaba: Forums & News


    Forums are asynchronous collaboration environments. Access can be either public or private, or customized through a flexible permissions system. Forums contain articles, which are automatically organized into topics (threads).

    Articles can be made of text (plain or stylized), images, movies, and any kind of file attachments (which can be coming from your desktop computer, or from Collaba's Virtual File System). Forums also support: automatic podcasting and RSS 2.0 publishing, off-site participation, listserv mode, NNTP access, and more.


    News Board

    News are special forums that are used to inform users of activities, events and any other newsworthy information. Collaba's news board provides a unified view of local news messages that come from all the user groups that you, as a user, are a member of. Any news that is linked to a user group you are not a member of will not be visible nor accessible. Just like forums, Collaba news can be podcasted, published over RSS, accessed with NNTP, redistributed to external e-mail addresses, and more.


    Desktop applications

    Collaba forums & news can be used and managed through its web portal, but also using efficient desktop applications:

    Free open-source software:

    ... and any SMTP/POP3 or NNTP-compatible client application!

    Proprietary software:
    • Microsoft Outlook & Entourage
    • Apple Mail
    • IBM Lotus Notes
    • Novell GroupWise
    • Eudora
    • and more...