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    Collaba: Bookmarking

    Collaba features a powerful collaborative bookmarking tool. Users can store and organize personal bookmarks which can then be accessed from any computer. Bookmarks can be organized into a comprehensive tree of categories, and shared across user groups.

    Social bookmarking

    Collaba allows administrators and authorized users to integrate external bookmark collections such as those from social bookmarking services. Local bookmark categories can be created to dynamically display collective bookmarks tagged with specific keywords. Many social bookmarking services are supported, including:

    Single Sign-On (SSO)

    One of the most important aspects of Collaba's Bookmarks module is its support for transparent single-sign-on, or SSO. Transparent authentication is very important for providing a consistent user experience, because it avoids the inconvenience for users to re-authenticate every time they wish to access an outside service.

    Technical details

    Bookmarks can be imported and exported via a standard bookmark interchange format (supported by all popular web browsers).

    Collaba's SSO engine comes with a very flexible and versatile interconnection technology that can hook up practically any third-party web service. A Java developer API is also available in cases where more elaborate integration techniques are required. This API can even interact with users (for example to ask questions, and even retain the answers permanently) before letting them access a bookmark.

    Access to specific bookmarks can be restricted in time. For example, a bookmark to a school-only service could be made accessible only during school hours.

    To accelerate the addition of new bookmarks, Collaba can lookup page titles automatically.